Our research and development laboratories are aimed at solving the most diverse requests by developing reliable and performing products.

We analyze and modify polymer chains with internal tests to verify the quality and stability of the products.

Chemical analysis

Technical and scientific support for new products
Thanks to collaborations with research centers and prestigious Universities, we analyze innovative materials in order to verify and optimize their mechanical, technological, functional and resistance characteristics. Knowing precisely the nature (or chemical composition) of a material is fundamental to guarantee the quality, stability and safety of applications.


These tests carried out with climatic chambers, salt spray, artificial and natural aging and dynamometric tests make us aware of the strengths of our products and, at the same time, allow us to guarantee a high and constant quality in each product.


In collaboration with external Laboratories and other Institutes and Bodies we have developed these internal checks that we carry out on each product.

We have modern analytical techniques for:

  • analysis and tests on polymeric materials;
  • chemical-physical characterization;
  • research and study of both cross-linked and liquid;
  • materials, both of organic and inorganic nature.